Josh Alfaro loves watches

Working with collectible watches is no secondhand hobby for Sandy resident Josh Alfaro, who devotes a lot of time scouring thrift stores for timepieces like the 100-year-old Elgin railroad watch. Alfaro repairs the watches before selling them or giving them as gifts. His story is the latest in the “I Love” video series, which features Utahns with a passion.


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Ray Bird’s birdhouses

Ray Bird retired from driving trucks in 2000. Instead of “sitting in a chair, waiting to die,” he decided to make a birdhouse. He’s spent “about 60 hours a week” doing that since. One of his favorite stories relates to the “hotel” he built and placed on his fence. Within a few weeks, the birdhouse was filled with pine cones. After having to take it down for repairs once, the hotel was again filled up with more pine cones. For the video go to

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Micro Minute

Spring is here, and that means beautiful nature photography. Check out Steve Griffin’s slow-motion, up-close-and-personal video of Utah’s smallest natural wonders in this week’s entry of the “I Love” video series.

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