George Pappas: I love skiing

George Pappas has held a season ski pass for 33 years and in that time he has hit the slopes nearly every day.

2 thoughts on “George Pappas: I love skiing

  1. George. You rock. I used to teach at Solitude, and now live in Montana. Pretty sure you know my dad, Fred, who was one of the FOG until he had a bit of an issue at the ‘TUDE. He now is a die hard Alta guy. My kids and I love still seeing you at Solitude when we come down for visits. You are part of what makes the hill special.

    Pray for Snow!

    Keith Jakob

  2. That’s beutiful Keith, yeah your right, solitude is special and it’s the spirit of us that makes it that way, sorry your dad doesn’t like snowboarders, but me thinks we ALL should be able to play together and have fun. 174 days till the 2016~17 ski season !!

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